• Premium photographic paper - 500 to 1000 GSM.
• Highest color fidelity and dynamic range Printed using 8 color O-type printing process - retains the finest details.
• Flushmount Binding showcases images seamlessly spread across the page.
• Storytelling with a Clean Design thus creating a truly amazing visual experience.
• Bespoke Packaging customized with couple's name and wedding date.
• Highest light fastness - 100 year + Longevity.
• Printed on imported German paper - uniform tonal transition and smoothness
• This confers to the highest standards of museum quality fine art printing, now available in an album.

Chose a size that suits you

Portable: 9"x11"
Large: 12"x12" / 12"x15"
Life Sife: 12"x18"


Flashback Signature Magnum albums start at
Rs.23999 (Portable / Large  Size) and Rs.24999 (Life Size) for 40 Pages.
Extra Pages: Rs.4999 for 20 pages


Imagewrap - No Additional Cost

Cordova Photo Inlay - No Additional Cost

Sakura Linen -  Rs.4999

Alkentarah Suede Leather  - Rs.4999

Hersalite Crystal with Suede Leather - Rs.5999

The above pricing is for Flashback Signature Albums.

We also print Coffee Table Books and Press Albums for Smaller Functions.

Please contact us for pricing.

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