It’s amazing to experience two  families of completely different traditions & culture come together to form an overwhelming affair of love. On 19th December, we reached Moon gate, Bangalore, where Karishma and Anoop would tie the knot.

Pre-wedding rituals started with the Haldi Ceremony where Karishma and Anoop sat under a beautifully decorated tree and had Haldi applied on them by everybody. Meanwhile, all the cousins and friends started Giddha and Bhangra on the other side celebrating the couple. The fun haldi ceremony was followed by the Sumangali ritual, where the bride-to-be seeks blessings of married women from the family. Later in the evening all the pretty ladies gathered for applying mehendi (henna tattoos) which was followed by a fun filled Sangeet party where both families left no stone unturned to show off their dance moves. The couple and their families had planned their special performances , and the evening was a witness to a merry drink and dance galore.

Wedding was followed by beautiful pre-wedding ceremonies the next day  . Honestly, that was the cutest wedding we have ever attended. The families had decided to mix their cultures. Ceremonies started early in the morning with Baraat which is a Punjabi tradition where the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house filled with excitement and we must tell you, we got to see some beautiful bhangra moves. Next was the Kashi Yatre, a ceremony in the tamil culture where the tradition says that the groom pretends to leave to Kashi to become a sanyasi but the bride’s father holds his hands  convincing  him to marry his daughter instead. So, after Anoop was convinced "to stay back", he and Karishma exchanged  garlands to solidify the commitment to each other. The couple then headed to the marriage hall for the final ceremonies, where the bride’s family welcomed them.  

Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your special day. Hope you have a beautiful life ahead. 

Here is a sneek peek to their wedding. A small video which captures the essence and highlights of the wedding

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