Michelle & Sista - Weddings by Flashback

In a world where humans are running behind money, fame and luxury we found 2 souls who want to spend their lives together and be happy in a farm by a warm countryside. Sista and Michelle’s story make us truly believe in love. Their story started in Jakarta where they were introduced to each other by their friends Krishnan and Rene. After a few dates, sista took a Nine-hour journey almost every weekend to meet Michele in Gilli, which was where Michelle was put up. Being brought up in a village with big farm and fresh air, Michelle did not like living in a city so she moved back home to the Netherlands. To his friend's surprise, a  few weeks later Sista decided to move there to live with Michelle and start a new career. They faced and overcame the challenges and now here they are married happily to each other.

Their wedding was a hoot. They got married to each other thrice. First in the Netherlands where they got themselves registered as a married couple. Then they decided to marry each other in a traditional(almost) Indian Telegu wedding. The events started off with mehendi ceremony. Our dutch guests were very excited to get their first henna tattoo. This merriment was followed by the Sangeet ceremony. The evening witnessed some crazy dance moves. The next day our lovely bride wore and stunningly beautiful red saree and she came to the mandap in a basket.  There was love, numb eyes and a lot of confusion in the room. Most of the Dutch guests were visiting India for the first time and were overwhelmed by the traditions and customs.

We then headed to Goa for their western wedding by the beach. As magnificent as it sounds, the 40 member wedding by the beach was just like a fairy tale wedding.  Michelle was dressed in a beautiful white gown, she walked down the aisle with her mother. We witnessed the mothers exchange their childhood stories and their affection towards their children.  Michele and Sista exchanged their vows and rings in front of their family and friends solidifying their love for each other. This evening ended with a lot of speeches, dances, food, music and booze. 

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