I married my best friend

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Sometimes you come across something that restores your belief in love if you ever doubted. This is one of them. From being neighbors since childhood to being life partners today, Sharddha & Siddharth's story makes us believe in love. After meeting and getting to know them we realized if you love somebody truly, there is no force that can separate two souls.

On 14th of December in 1991, a perfectionist was born. Topper in school & college during the day and an artist by night, silent in nature but an ingenious entrepreneur, Siddharth surely was the heartthrob of many girls. 9th November 1992, the Mishras’ second daughter was born. In an interview with Weddings by flashback during the engagement her father described her as "a very very naughty kid". Bubbly in nature, lawyer by qualification, Shraddha worked with Human rights before taking up Interior Designing professionally. She continues to be a happy-go pretty lady and Siddharth's better half.

A little flashback [ooohh ;)]. It all started back when the Desais & the Mishras were neighbors in Hyderabad, and also coincidentally Sid and Shraddha attended schools that were just 500 metres apart. What started off as a teenage crush during school days, ended up with Mr. Perfect flying down to India, from Hong Kong to surprise and finally ask the love of his life to marry him. During one of our conversations with the couple we got to know that Sharddha used to spend most of her time at Sid's college with him and his friends rather than attending classes. Trust me, this story makes a perfect KJo movie. If you thought that's just it, well there's more! While Sid and Shraddha were working in Bangalore, Sid receives a call with an offer to relocate to HK for work, and he did. Shraddha's here, missing him every day, counting every second waiting to see him. Long distance relationships aren't easy. You wish they were here with you holding you when you need them. But that's all you can do. Wish.

23th March 2019, 9PM . While Shraddha & her cousins/friends were at the club, you know, the usual, a chill time with da homies, our brilliant strategist Desai planned to surprise Shardhs. While she was in her zone having a good time, Sid landed in Hyderabad and she was far from knowing about it (ha she claims she knew but hey...did ya?). He was picked up from the airport by his parents and was dropped off at the club. And then….. 

Sid enters.

Shraddha looks at him. 

30.03.2019; Shraddha + Siddharth

Rings exchanged. Tight hugs. Maybe....MAYBE a few tears. They'd made it. They knew they'd made it.

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